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Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted?

“Can you paint this?”

[intro]Are you looking to give your bathroom a complete makeover or maybe just paint your bathroom wall tiles? Either way, you may well be looking to get a project begun but have run into a few choices such as not knowing in case it’s conceivable to paint over tiles and belittling the trouble of the work. If you are in need of some help making the decision we are here for you. In this article, we hope to answer your question, along with giving you a better insight into preparation and painting for your bathroom project. Let’s begin by talking about if its possible or not

Painting Over Bathroom Tile?

Painting over bathroom tiles is possible. The process, however, can be very difficult. There are some important preparation steps to look into if you are doing this on your own and that’s what we are going to talk about next.


When preparing to paint your bathroom tile, you want to make sure your tile is clean. Remove any dirt or build-up of bacteria that may have been there over time. Using a wet sponge and cleaning chemicals is always best for this process. After that’s completed you need to sand the tile down to where there’s no sparkle remaining. This will make it simpler for the paint to stay. After the sanding handle is done you need to form sure all of the remaining tidy and buildup is evacuated. After this has been completed, we will move onto the painting stage.


Now that we have taken the necessary steps to move on, we can now begin with painting. You want to find a color that you are happy with. When choosing paint, you want to choose either latex or epoxy coated paint. After you have coated the tiles with the first layer of paint, you want to repeat this a few more times. If you are the least bit worried of whether you can handle this job, finding contractors that know how to do this kind of thing is never a bad idea.

As we mentioned, contractors know what they are doing. If you have a project in progress or have one coming up we suggest seeking professional help.

Painting tiles is not an easy task to complete. Without the experience, you can end up with an outcome that you are not happy with. There are more steps that you should follow when painting over bathroom tile, however, these were just a few things to look into before starting a project. If you are looking to paint your bathroom wall tiles and need help, we at LOCO want to give you a high-quality project at a great price. For more information, you can find us here or call us now at 412.214.8441.

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