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Asphalt Versus Tarmac

The tale of the battle between road surfaces, who will win, Asphalt Vs Tarmac.

Asphalt versus Tarmac, it can be a difficult decision to make if you don’t know what each product has to offer. You may have a driveway job that needs to be done and now comes the time to pick. Both decisions offer many things but at the end of the day you are left to chose one. In this article, we plan to give you better insight into which product may be best for your project. Let’s start by giving you some general information to think about.

General Information about Asphalt and Tarmac

To get started, both are very effective and good products, they look very closely alike, but are made out of different things. Both are strong and durable and last for a long time. Each product has its ups and downs. Below we have touched on a few key points for asphalt.


Asphalt is among the foremost prevalent choices when working on a Pittsburgh extendBlack-top is exceptionally reasonableAsphalt does provide traction but it isn’t as solid as tarmac.  Another key point to consider is that black-top holds up superior in higher temperatures than landing area. One conceivable drawback is that black-top does not stand up to slide marks. Tarmacin any case, is more safe to slide marks.


Like we said, tarmac is more resistant to skid marks. This isn’t the only thing its good for though. Tarmac is made when a layer of crushed stone is mixed in with tar. Tarmac is strong and durable. It also provides lots of traction. This type of product also provides a noticeable difference between the road and your driveway, this means they will not blend in together if this is the look that you are going for. 

Asphalting vs Tarmac can be a difficult decision as we stated earlier. This is why we suggest that you seek professional help before making a final decision.

Now that we have summarized some of the key points, we hope that we could give you more information on choosing between asphalt and tarmac. Remember there are many more things to take into consideration when choosing, this was just some key points to look into. If you have a Pittsburgh surfacing project that involves choosing between asphalt or tarmac, we suggest seeking help from LOCO experts. For more information, visit our website here, or call now at 412.214.8441.

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