How Much Should A Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2023?

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How Much Should A Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2023?

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Chipped paint, broken sinks, leaking pipes, and dripping showers can have you dreaming of a bathroom remodel. 

While it might be satisfying to flip through remodeling catalogues to pick new aesthetic designs you want for your bathroom, you will need to make sure that you have a general idea of how much it’ll cost you.

In this article, we’ll be covering the main components of a bathroom remodel and how they can affect your total budget.

Read on to find out how much a bathroom remodel should cost you in 2023.( what to expect in your 2023 bathroom project( or remodel))


Average pricing

Compared to a bathroom renovation, a bathroom remodel is relatively expensive because the layout of the bathroom would be changed in addition to the fixtures, cabinets, and plumbing.

The average price for a bathroom remodel generally falls between the range of $5000-$20,000.

The price could vary depending on your location, the size of your bathroom, and how complex your design is. 

It is important to make a rough draft by yourself before contacting a contractor. When you make your rough budget, try as much as you can to stick to it; this will save you from unnecessary costs.


Expensive Parts of Bathroom Remodel

  • Tile Work

Tile work is usually charged per square foot. Tiling your bathroom floor can cost you $4-$32 per square foot. So you can get a total estimate by multiplying this with your total bathroom area.

The tiling job may cost more than the material itself. 

The cost of the tiles depends on the style and quality you prefer.

You would have to pay more if your design is something more complex—like covering your entire bathroom with tiles. 

  • Moving Fixtures

If your remodel design will require the position of your sink or toilet or any other fixture to be altered, then you would need to increase your budget.

The cost of moving your sink or toilet could range from $3000-$3500.

Plumbing would also be required to reconnect your toilet to the sewer line.


  • Bathtub

During the course of your bathroom remodel, you may need to replace your old bathtub to fit the overall aesthetic of your new design. 

From research carried out, replacing an old bathtub will cost you between $1400-$7000. Additional costs for labor may also be included, so at the end of the day we’re looking at roughly $10,000 for the overall cost.


  • Cabinets and Shelves

The cost of bathroom cabinets could range from $3000-$40,000, depending on the quality and design you want. This goes without saying—the fancier your cabinet preference, the more it may cost you.

You can also choose to DIY install your cabinets to save cost.



In this article we have covered the general costs of common components of a bathroom remodel so that you can have an idea of what to expect in 2023.

While using this article to create a rough estimate, it is important to note the total cost of remodeling your bathroom may differ from that of the next person due to your design preferences. 

A complex remodel layout will naturally cost you more—especially if it involves other components not discussed in this article.

After jotting down your rough estimate, the next important step is to find the right professional contractor to help you bring your ideas to life while working with your budget.

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