How Much Does Power Washing Cost?

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How Much Does Power Washing Cost?

Power washing is an excellent way to keep your home’s exterior clean or to remove stains from your driveway and deck. So how much will it end up costing you?

According to Houzz, a power wash can cost anywhere from $400 – $1,000. Here are some factors to consider when estimating what your cost will be. 


How dirty the surface is

Depending on the last time the chosen surface was cleaned, there could be layers of dirt or grime that will take longer to remove. This may increase your cost.

How big the area is

Are you just getting one wall cleaned, or the whole house? How many stories are there? The surface area of the items needing cleaning will make a big difference in your quote for the service.

What materials are involved

Some surfaces require more care than others. For example, a deck, with all of its cracks and deviations, will likely cost a bit more than other areas. A concrete driveway can be more delicate to clean than an asphalt one. 

Vinyl siding can also be more expensive because depending on the age, wear and tear, and dirt on the siding, more care may be required in order to not damage the siding and hurting more than helping. 


If you’re looking for a more exact quote, you can visit our Power Washing page. If you’re wanting to get started, get in touch or contact us at 412.214.8441.

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