Can Power Washing Damage Plants?

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Can Power Washing Damage Plants?

If you’re thinking about getting your home’s exterior cleaned, you likely care about the landscaping around your home too. Power washing is a great option for keeping your house’s siding clean, but should you worry about your plants getting damaged?

Use lower pressure to avoid crushing your plants

Power washers have great pressure, which is why they’re such a great tool! However, your delicate plants definitely shouldn’t be caught in the crossfire. In order to avoid crushing your plants, low pressure should be used whenever your landscaping is too close for comfort. Or, if your plants are potted, consider moving them temporarily just to be safe.

Chemicals used in power washers

Power washers typically use a solution made up of 1 part chemical cleaner and 10 parts water. While the chemical may be harmful to your plants, it’s present enough that it will help clean your house, but also diluted to the point that it shouldn’t harm your plants or pose a risk to the soil underneath them.

Rinse your plants with water before and after power washing

Worried about the chemicals used? Because the power washing solution is mostly water, it can be easily wiped away, especially if you rinse your plants before and after the process. Simply wipe your plants down or rinse with a garden hose before and after power washing, and your plants are sure to be free from any of the chemicals still present.


Power washing is a great option, but it can be complicated if you’re worried about your landscaping. At LOCO, we provide power washing services at a great price. Get in touch by visiting our contact page or calling at 412.214.8441!

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