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Roofing in Winter Time

Roofing in winter time, it can be a hassle. You have a leak in your roof, It’s winter and you might be asking yourself “What should I do?”. Well, the elephant in the room is the question: does it need to be replaced now? If the answer is yes, there are many things to think about. Will a contractor do work during the wintertime?, will it cost more? and, will it get done in a reasonable time?. In this article, we are going to attempt to answer some of these questions for you, and hopefully give you some insight into what goes into roofing in the cold winter months.


Will a contractor work in the wintertime?

Yes, roofing can be done in the wintertime. Most contractors do not find it ideal to install or replace roofing during the winter. However, if it’s urgent and you need the job done, we are always willing to help you with your project.


Will the roof cost more? 

It can cost more to hire a roofer in the winter. This is because roofers put themselves at more risk and there are fewer roofers working during this time of year. There are many roofing problems in the winter so the higher demand and lower supply of workers can affect the pricing.


Will it get done in a reasonable time?

As you probably already know Pittsburgh can have unpredictable weather patterns. While doing the job may take a little more time, a snowstorm or other weather issue could make the job take longer to finish. 


Important Information on Winter Roofing

Roofing can be very dangerous and difficult during the winter. The slippery or damaged surfaces can make it difficult for roofing contractors to complete their work. Accidents may happen. If the conditions are too bad, an inexperienced contractor can end up injured which can leave you with an unfinished project till the weather is better. 


We hope we could give you an insight into what it is like to do roofing during the winter, and what contractors have to go through. Yes, roofing can be completed during the wintertime. You may have a roofing project that needs to be done, but you always want to ask yourself if the job needs to be completed now, and if the contractor you are working with has experience in colder temperatures. If your Pittsburgh roofing job is urgent, we at LOCO  want to help you complete it, we provide high-quality work with great deals no matter the time of year.

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