Can Flooring Be Installed Over Tile?

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Can You Install Flooring Over Tile?

From time to time when Pittsburghers’ are looking to install a new floor. However they may have existing tile on the floor they want to replace. Many times the question will come up: ”Can flooring be installed over tile?”  In some cases, it can be, however there are many factors that can affect the decision to do so.

In today’s article, we are going to touch on a few points to consider when deciding if you can put a new floor over an existing tile floor. These are not the only factors but just a few big things to consider.


General Information

The first question to ask yourself when installing flooring over tile, Is the tile decent shape? This means there has to be minimal cracks and you must seal the tile. If this isn’t taken consideration, you can end up with many problems. Such as build-up of water, causing damage to your new floors. Also, if you decide to install flooring over tile, you will need to find out if it’s going to cause the floor to gain height. This can cause problems when it comes to doors and appliances. You want to make sure you level your floor. You also want the correct measurements for placements of doors.

These are just a few of the items to consider when thinking about putting a new floor over an existing tile floor. Because of the many factors to consider it usually makes sense to have a trained specialist evaluate the situation before you make a final decision. LOCO can send one of our field techs out to help you examine your floor and help figure out your options.


If you are interested you can also visit our flooring services page to get more information. 

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